switch is an evening length performance Hannah Krafcik and I created, with live music by Mickey Sanchez. Our work on this performance began in Hannah’s living room in the summer of 2018. The work has been developed in multiple residencies since then, and continues to be emergent.

switch is the result of many extended talks about power dynamics that exist between us (Emily + Hannah), dynamics that emerge from our histories and socializations and also from our desire to push back against these things. From inside, this collaboration feels like an intimate mess that blurs the boundaries of submissiveness, dominance, aggression, and care—a stew we swim while performing ourselves. We intentionally edge toward and away from the dichotomies that surface within our work, challenging the ways we are in relation to each other and to you.

Artist Bios:

Emily Jones is a dancer, movement educator, and bodyworker based in Portland, Oregon. She studied dance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, and has danced professionally in The Bay Area, Portland, and New York. She is deeply influenced as a teacher and mover by the Axis Syllabus.

Hannah Krafcik is a dancer and writer, and works at a montessori school in Portland, OR. Before moving west, she lived in New York City where she became an artist and organizer for Fleet Moves, a site-specific dance festival which took place for five years in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. She holds a Master of Art in Performance Studies from New York University.

Mickey Sanchez is a musician, video game developer, and co-organizer of Pidzn Club.